Piano Lessons

Teaching is not merely my profession – to convey my skills and my passion for piano and classical music is simply my dream job.


It is important to me to pass on to my students how fulfilling it is to learn to play the piano. That is why a relaxing atmosphere and the satisfaction of the students are of utmost priority, as only those who are laid back can really concentrate – and concentration is essential for musical success. Especially for children and adolescents, the sense of achievement is really crucial so that they remain interested and learn to trust and refine their own abilities.


To scold young people because they haven’t practiced sufficiently at home is not part of my repertoire. My longstanding educational piano work with children has taught me to consider the overall picture and to look for constructive solutions together with students and parents if there should be a musical standstill – and this has definitely proven to be a successful formula.


The classes themselves take place at the oldtown and Südstadt of Bonn. And as good teaching requires excellent instruments, a wonderful Yamaha piano with an especially warm sound waits for you at the Südstadt and an outstanding Steinway & Sons Grand Piano at the oldtown.