Piano Lessons

Teaching is not merely my profession – to convey my skills and my passion for piano and classical music is simply my dream job.


For me, teaching is not only a job - imparting my skill and passion for piano and classical music simply is my dream profession.

I am dedicated to introducing my students to the enriching world of piano playing, with a primary focus on classical music. I prioritize creating a professional learning environment and a relaxed atmosphere, allowing us to fully dedicate ourselves to music and serious practice together. Unstrained work contributes to musical success, ultimately building the students' confidence in themselves.


Regular practice is not merely a necessity but a source of joy. Many students report that sitting down to practice can be challenging, but once they spend five minutes at the piano, they become fully engaged. Through dedication and concentration in the practice process, students can immerse themselves in the "flow", a state of deep concentration and joy in their own abilities. Experiencing progress and mastering new challenges not only instills confidence but also makes piano playing a fulfilling and inspiring part of life.




Consequently playing the piano initially isn't always plain fun. But with the support of a qualified teacher and the students dedicated practice, playing the piano will become a source of joy!


As part of my teaching, I regularly organize student recitals and facilitate the participation of suitable students in competitions, because I firmly believe, that the experiences make a significant contribution to musical development. Engaging in such events not only provides the opportunity to showcase what has been learned, but also nurtures the self-expression and self-confidence of my students.

Because social engagement is important to me, my students also perform regularly in nursing homes. They often report being moved by the joy and gratitude experienced by the residents there.