"Freya is soooo nice, it’s real fun! I have learned to keep a really good rhythm! And the regular auditions are fun."

Anna, 10


"Mrs. Donner places special emphasis on treating her students as friendly as possible. In contrast to other teachers, whose lessons I have been visiting, I will not be scolded if I didn’t have the time to practice during the week. At the same time, I have much more incentive to practice since I am taking lessons with Mrs. Donner. From my point of view, that is why I have been making greater progress over the last three years with Mrs. Donner than I could have ever been making with anybody else within the last three years."

Franz, 18


"It is nice that Freya gives lessons at her own flat. She is so patient. She never becomes impatient. She always helps me so kindly."

Julian, 8 

"Freya Donner combines highest competence with an outstanding empathy in regard to the respective student and situation. She is always creative and motivated when it comes to getting the best out of a teacher-student-situation."

Karolin, mother


"Freya Donner is an inspiring teacher, who is sensitive and always encourages me not to set limits to myself. She accompanies me down my road, full of optimism and empathy and without judging. The atelier is flooded with light and the wonderful Steinway is simply incomparable!"


Stefanie, adult


"Right from the beginning, my son didn’t only learn sounds, sheet music and musical pieces but also how to play those with feeling and expression. The atmosphere is relaxed, almost amicable, there is lots of laughter and my son is very comfortable.

I think that one of Mrs. Donners secrets is to assist her students very individually. They all get a solid basic training and further progress is based on the commitment of the students. She is always open to new things and provides great ideas to design the lessons even better. There have been lessons where the students played while lying down, single lessons have been made duo lessons via overlap time or chances were sought to interact with other instruments.

Conclusion: Simply the best for us! Recommendation 100%!"


Karin, mother