In Brief:

Home: Germany

Instrument: Piano and temporarily vocals

Studies: Tromsø, North of Norway, Hamburg (Musical Education Diploma, piano classes with Ralf Nattkemper), Karlsruhe and London (Song Accompaniment and Symphonic Coaching, master’s degree)


Inspiration: Vesselina Kasarova, Maria Callas, Radu Lupu, and Monika Tschurl (for Didactics and Pedagogy)


In Detail:

Freya Donner was born in Hanover. Her parents were of the opinion that every child should learn how to play an instrument – and Freya chose the piano. Herr lessons started at the music school Hanover. "I was lucky to have a very sensitive and experienced teacher, as I was rather slow and dreamy at the beginning", Freya Donner tells with a smile. Due to the her teacher’s patience and regular training she succeeded in giving her abilities a completely different direction and developed a real interest in the piano. Year after year she participated in the children and youth competition Jugend musiziert. At the same time, she started to pick pieces of music very deliberately and to face her self-chosen challenges.


When she was about 16 years old, the desire to study music emerged. At the same time, she started to give extra paino lessons to her teacher’s students and thus could make a gradual approach to teaching. She quickly realised that she greatly enjoyed it and, above all, that she had a really special talent in dealing with children. Her studies at the Music Academy Hamburg confirmed this: during final examination, the jurors all agreed that her work with children was really exceptionally imaginative and sensitive.


Apart from her love for teaching, she also discovered her passion for singing. Accordingly, she took singing lessons for several years and accompanied many singers on the piano. For obvious reasons she started to study song accompaniment and symphonic coaching – Freya Donner received her master’s degree at the world-famous Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London.


Freya Donner is a teacher full of competence, commitment and ardour, but as far as music is concerned, she hasn’t lost her ability to dream!